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About Beat It AT

    Believing In Artistic Truth, Beat It AT was started by Andrew Rapier and Tony Chang, based in St. Louis, Missouri as a business venture to deliver tools and information to accelerate producers and artists in their careers. Beat It AT provides beats, mixing, mastering, melody samples, drum samples, midi files, classes, and educational materials to train and develop producers and artists. Beat It AT cultivated its audience through over a thousand YouTube videos on the Beat It AT TV platform which range from beat making sessions, beat tutorials, mixing and mastering tutorials, and general music based content.


Beat It AT has produced and worked with artists such as Andrew Spacey, Lil Durk, Desiigner, Luh Kel, 30 Deep Grimey, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Q Money, Young Scooter, Rio Da Yung OG as well as countless independent artists. Beat It AT has over 9 hours of publicly released music and over 200 song credits. Work done being production, beats, mixing and or mastering services.


    Artist development is a strong foundation of Beat It AT, whether it be in producing a song for an artist or developing an artist from scratch. Andrew Spacey is our primary artist in which we represent and developed from scratch. Providing Andrew Spacey with management, production, publishing and distribution resources. Cultivating a following of 60,000 monthly listeners, millions of streams, and an organic image all from scratch. Working together to rollout releases on various social media pages, playlists and curators. While also being on set for any music video production days, ensuring all steps of the music development process works together alongside the artist’s brand and image.

Beat It AT Credits: Spotify Playlist

The Team

Andrew Rapier

    – Founder

    – Content Creator & Content Management

    – Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

    – Producer

    – Sample & Beat Maker

    – Accounting & Book Keeping

    – Artist Management Services

    – Web & Server Developer 



Tony Chang

    – Producer

    – Sample & Melody Maker

    – Content Creator

    – Business Partner

Stats & Press

“For his most recent offering he linked up with a two other bubbling musicians, a young spitter Tommy Ice and producer Beat It At for a vibrant new jam “Rear View.” Andrew rips a catchy double time speed verse over a melodic guitar melody with Tommy Ice coming in for support on a rich feature.” – DcoBurn of Elevator Mag

Top streamed song:

Rear View (feat. Tommy Ice)



Spotify Streams: 3,200,000+


Produced By Beat It AT

Engineered by Andrew Rapier


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