Andrew Spacey | Press Kit

Artist's Statement

    Hi, it’s Andrew Spacey! I just wanted to say that, after releasing a string of mostly clean-cut, pop rap songs up until early 2021, I’ve done a ton of experimenting and refining my sound. Behind the scenes, my music has taken a bit of a turn, as it’s matured and become a lot more true to me. 

    Harnessing ear-candy melodies, and psychedelically colorful sound selections, I see myself as an artist who can create a broad range of sounds that blend together cohesively. From overly-confident, upbeat trap bangers to more introspective and ethereal ballads, my music is versatile. Coining the term, “Fantasy Trap”, the more artistic sectors of my music place a lyrical focus on themes of absurdism/surrealism, spiritual connectedness, and psychologically-electrifying imagery. Cyber-futuristic and often trance-like production accompany a mysteriously airy vocal delivery, bringing color to the darkness. I want to create an immersive world with my music. I see myself as an artist who can hop on glitzy trends and simultaneously rely on deeper, more artistic projects as a backbone for true fandom and timeless music. 


    St. Louis Missouri-born and raised artist, Andrew Spacey, has taken his music talents globally with the spread of his music on Spotify and YouTube. In the early stages of exploring his music ventures, artists like Jimi Hendrix, Skrillex, Lil Wayne, and the underground hip-hop/rap helped inspire the imagination and creativity of Andrew Spacey’s music. Branding the name Fantasy Trap, Andrew Spacey is introducing a unique blend of sounds to create a one-of-a-kind world bending experience with his music. 


    Releasing self-produced & recorded music for several years, Andrew Spacey began professionally releasing music on all music platforms starting in 2019 with his team Beat It AT. Starting on April 20, 2019, Andrew Spacey released his single “Limelight”. Following Limelight’s release, Andrew Spacey followed up with the OMEGASPACEY EP and the deluxe OMEGASPACEY +. Since the release of OMEGASPACEY +, Andrew Spacey has been releasing singles and songs to build his catalog and sound. Andrew Spacey has now garnered millions of streams across all platforms and over 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, which is ever-growing.

Stats & Press

“He almost feels like a twist of Justin Bieber and Post Malone. [Limelight] is edgy but still clean enough to get spins on the pop station. Andrew Spacey has a good voice but this track is straight Sci FY influenced. This is something you could play some halo to.” – Mighty of Elevator Mag

Top streamed song:

Rear View (feat. Tommy Ice)



Spotify Streams: 2,400,000+



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